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Instagrammer we love: edbdesigns

written by tess
Instagrammer we love: edbdesigns

This time we have an Instagrammer we love: interior stylist Elizabeth D. Burns! Do you know her? She posts amazing pictures of her interior on Instagram (@edbdesigns). We've asked her five interior related questions. Take a look at her home called The Little Glass House and get inspired! Not enough inspiration? Get more on her own website!

Which place in your house is your absolute favourite?
I am lucky that in a smallish house I have so many favourite places both inside and out but if I had to narrow it down to just one it would be the center of our home, the hub. It is our dining area with a farm table where we love to entertain friends and family. It also serves as a reading table where I can spread out my newest magazines and decor books. It's also where I paint or write a letter or just sip a cup of tea. You can see our dining area from anywhere in our open concept home and when the 3 sets of French doors are open, the outdoors comes in.

What is your favourite homeware shop and do you have a favourite brand?
I just can't narrow my favourite homeware shop to one. There are two local stores that have had a strong influence on my California decorating style since moving here 7 years ago. One is Porch and the other is botanik. They both have a natural organic sensibility that I absolutely love! And I do not have a favourite brand.

What, according to you, is an essential in an interior?
There are two things that I find essential in an interior...at least for me. One is comfort, and the other is light. The first speaks for itself. If your home is not comfortable then what's the point? As for light, California has it in spades and here in Santa Barbara we have sunshine about 300 days of the year. That's how I knew California living and I would get along just fine. I spent 9 months searching for a home that would showcase that incredible light all day long. In fact the tag line for the brochure when we bought our home was "Step into light".

Which item is the most precious to you in your house?
The most precious item in our home is impossible for me to answer. I'm sure there should be an easy answer like your mom's antique mirror or some such thing or a valuable painting. But for me, our entire house is filled with things we both love whether it's my husband's vintage dog doorstop collection, or the sea glass we find on long walks on the beach...all precious but ultimately they are just things. Nothing is too precious except our family...sappy but true!

What is your ultimate style tip?
My ultimate style tip would be to surround yourself with things you really really love. It sounds easy but you would be surprised how many people live with things they don't like or are tired of. Even if it's an old sofa (because you can't afford a new one), cover it with an amazing textile that you DO love. Also always try to have something vintage or old whether it be a piece of furniture or art. It will add character and soul to your home. And lastly, plants, trees, and fresh flowers add life and freshness to any space!

Want to see more of edb designs?

House Tour: edbdesigns
Website: edbdesignssb.com
Instagram: @edbdesigns

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