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Upgrade your interior with these free prints!

written by Thijs
Upgrade your interior with these free prints!

We love prints! Wether it's quotes, photos or illustrations we love 'em!

The beauty of prints is that they can easily give your interior a fresh look! Change them from coloured to black&white or change a quote into a photo and you'll have upgraded your interior instantly!

Now there's plenty of nice prints you can buy, but why not print them yourself for free! We created a free printable that will help you hang on to that summerly feeling for just a tad longer. It consists of four beautiful illustrations you can download and print out yourself.

How does it work?
Simpel! Download the free PDF below and print it. Cut out the illustrations, put them in a frame or just stick them to the wall with some washi-tape!

Download the prints ▾
Got it?
We'd love to see the result! Take a picture and post it to Facebook or Instagram with hashtag: #HomedecoPrint!





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