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Not only furniture determine the atmosphere in your house. A rug is at least as important! They are a good way to dot the i's in your interior. Create a cosy ambience with an extra soft rug or give your interior a stylish touch with a modern rug. Something's missing in your home? Start the search for a perfect rug here!

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It's useful to compare when you're choosing a rug. There are many colours, types, designs and sizes. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a beautiful rug for your living room or bedroom; at HomeDeco you'll always find what you need! Also with the materials there are many possibilities. Have you ever thought about a rug made of recycled leather? Choose something else for once and you'll love it! We collected over 1200 rugs which have the most beautiful colours and the best materials. Compare them and you'll find your own perfect rug for your living room. We have brands as Homescapes, John Lewis and Flair Rugs. 

Rug prices

When you decide to buy a rug, you want it to fit into your budget which you had in mind. Because as well as the colour and design, the price is very important in your decision. At HomeDeco you can find a wide offer of carpets in different price ranges so you don't have to go to many different stores. It's an easy and fast overview of the most beautiful rugs. You can make your interior as expensive as you want without any effort and time. At almost every store you can get your rug delivered within a few days at home. How easy?!